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Sevillaaaa, my heart's devotionnnn!

seriously this is the best place ever!

sunny 21 °C

What a weekend what a weekend!
So once we left the Italica and drove a short 9 km more, we arrived in the wonderfully beautiful city of Sevilla. It was around 7ish ish, so it was dark, but the glow of the streetlights showed enough to indicate to me that this is somewhere that I will definitely like a lot. After a 10 minute walk along the sidewalks, dragging our little suitcases behind us like baby ducks following their mama, we arrived at the hotel. It's part of a chain of High-Tech Hotels, so the lobby was pretty modern, and the room/bathrooms were too. the wall/door of the bathroom was just frosted glass so it was a bit interesting to be in the bathroom and only be visually protected by such a small amount! And there was a bidet. I'm so glad I got to see one in Europe!!!
After we freshened up and got ourselves settled, we went out to go tapas-hopping. I actually learned that tapas ORIGINATED in Sevilla, so to have the wonderful tapas in their place of birth is seriously like having beers in Germany (don't know if beer originated there but obviously it's at its prime there!) or some other significant worldly comparison. Again, just another reason to travel, so I can learn about everywhere! Tapas, if you didn't know, are these small mini-appetizer type plates... usually the size of your palm all the food can fit in. Just realized how grammatically poor that sentence is, but when you speak so much spanish and hear so much spanglish and spanish and broken english, you forget how to talk well! Didn't expect it but it's true! which I actually really love :) Anyway, tapas were made for a specific reason. They mean "lids," which makes sense because they were made to put atop one's drink (usually wine glass), to 1) keep the bugs out of the drink and 2) because eating food while drinking will reduce the amount of drunk someone will get since they'll have food to absorb some of the alcohol. so I guess people just walked around with little baguette slices on their wine glasses like it was wearing a beret or something!! So yeah, with all of that being said, tapas are huge in Spain and all of us love to discover and eat at many tapas bars in all the places we've stayed at (Madrid, Granada, Sevilla). So we did that for dinner and shared pitchers of Sangria (there were a bunch of us that went).. we went to 2 different tapas bars for some food. One of them was super authentic; it had parts of pig bodies hanging from the ceiling!! It was gross, but so so cool to see it all and to see the contraption they have to get the meat. It's seriously like a holder that you crank tight and it holds the bottom of the shin in place, while they shave thin slices of the leg meat from the upper leg. Like, the hoof was still chilling there on one side of the crank, and this bright red and marbled white piece of muscle was on the other side. Again, gross, but absolutely fascinating. So from there we went to this little mexican tapas bar and got quesadilla tapas (BANGIN) and ordered some fun Mexican drinks, including a Mai Tai and another one that seemed just like a spiked milkshake. Delicious but dangerous haha. And after that we pretty much headed back and went to sleep, excited about what the rest of the weekend had to offer!
Saturday morning we ate a fabulous breakfast at the hotel, and then headed to the Reales Alcazares. It's this royal garden thing, and was absolutely beautiful! I don't have much to tell about it, so here are the pictures!
IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1698.jpg
look what we found! I call my boyfriend Peacock (long story short, he chased a peacock at the Philly zoo a few summers ago and when we became better friends and exchanged phone numbers, I called him Eric Peacock because "Eric VD" was too boring) so this was exciting to see! It's like I got a special visit from him :)
IMG_1695.jpg IMG_1707.jpg IMG_1712.jpg IMG_1716.jpg
so as you can see, this was a lot to take in visually. It was absolutely magnificent and it also smelled so clean and nice :) and on such a beautiful day, I definetely was not in a hurry to leave!
However, we had more things to see and do, so from the Garden we meandered into the Cathedral right by it.
IMG_1717.jpg IMG_1721.jpg IMG_1722.jpg
I absolutely am in love with the meaning behind this. The whole concept of exploring further beyond, especially with how it relates so much to Spain, really interests me. Although I understand the seriousness of a tattoo, I am interested in getting one, and it's always been my plan to have something in Spanish or relating to Spain or Latin America. Coming to Spain, I made sure to keep my ears open to possibly find a phrase or idea that really speaks to me, and this one is resonating pretty strong so far! But of course I have a lot of thinking to do no matter what I do. Either way, it's still an awesome idea.
From there we went to another Cathedral, called The Cathedral of Sevilla. This place was huuuge. The organ had either 700... or 7,000 different pipes. I forget which one, but either way that's a whoooole lot!!! Here's some pictures:
from there we climbed to the top of the tower where all the bells are and everything. There were I think 37 small ramps (instead of stairs), and they had them conveniently labeled so you knew how much further you had to go!
What a beautiful city. How perfect does this look!
From there some of us went with another women who has been helping out Doris navigate and teach us a lot about the country. She started with us in Madrid and actually teaches at Universidad de Granada so she's been with us where ever we've been going. Since she lives in Spain, she knows of some of the less known attractions. We trusted her knowledge and went to check out the Plaza de Espana, and what a great decision that was!
And again, on such a gorgeous day, it could not have been better.
After doing that and then going souvenir shopping for a bit, we headed back to the hotel by around 6. From there we showered and got a little dolled up for the Flamenco show that most of us decided to go to!!! It was so awesome.. learning some of the basic moves made us appreciate how talented this women was. She was incredibly passionate, it was so easy to see her emotion in her face and body movements. She danced while this other woman absolutely waiiileddd these beautiful Spanish songs and the guy played the guitar. It was only 13 Euros, and the experience was seriously worth at least double. I'm so glad to have gotten the opportunity to go!
IMG_1818.jpg IMG_1819.jpg IMG_1821.jpg IMG_1823.jpg
After that, some of us went to a discoteca and that was fun! Most of the people were in their later 20s so it felt a little weird to be there but we all still had a lot of fun dancing and all. After that we went to bed!
Sunday we had planned to tour the Golden Tower, one of Sevilla's biggest landmarks, and also a bull-fighting ring, but unfortunately it was raining the whole day so all of our plans got cancelled. A lot of us were bummed to have missed learning about such cool things! but the weekend was still packed with plenty of pictures and memories.
After checking out of our hotel and walking the same 10 minute walk (in the rain of course) to the bus, we hopped on and drove back to Granada in time for dinner!
Between the rain and the traveling and the packed plans, you better believe we slept great Sunday night! And that was Sevilla :)

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A little late......HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....I can see already it has to be the best birthday ever,,,,love the pictures, the blog,,,,everything.

by grammy hinds

OMG!!! OH MY GOD!!! can we go there someday together? You can be our guide...how beautiful! You are a lucky young lady!

by robyn marks

Wow, I'm jealous and I want to be there! Pix are beautiful and so aren't you! Like your little peacock story and it's amazing how close you were able to get. I'm thinking now that Mom and I will have to go back to Spain and get to Sevilla and Barcelona for starters. Liked your descriptions and associated pix where multiple cultures mixed their arts and styles to come up with some unique stuff.

Love u

by Dad

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