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This Past Week -- Jan16-20th

sorry it took so long to update!

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Hello again! Sorry I have been slacking so much on writing about my week! Between advancing to an age of 2 decades, and learning the Flamenco and visiting more Cathedrals, and actually having school work to do, it's been a consistently busy week! Unfortunately, looking back at the week does not as much allow me to include as many details, but through looking at my pictures, they can help me get to over 1,000 words ;)
Monday - went to school to start our first full week. The work isn't bad and the teacher is remaining great! The day started (I figured to look at my roommate's blog to see some of what we've been up to!) off annoyingly, just because it was a rainy one so it was much harder to get out of bed. Here's a riddle: what's even less satisfying than having 2 pieces of toast for breakfast? When the toaster doesn't work and you end up having 2 pieces of bread for breakfast instead -___- no bueno. But we trudged through the rain and did the school thing! Afterwards we went to the gift shop and picked up Universidad de Granada sweatshirts - just in time to cuddle in them with the rain outside!
For lunch they specifically made us soup because it was so chilly, so that was nice to have the feeling of being cared for! Then for dinner we had the GREATEST dinner they've served us so far!! It's sad, I was so excited I took a picture just to show you guys what I now consider to be a feast fit for the queen that I am ;) just kidding, seriously. But check this out!
YUM. and they've been making a LOT more fish (a good few times a week at least!) and I scarf that stuff down like it's no one's business. Whenever we have it at lunch, I take at least twice as much as how much is in that picture. They make it so perfectly and I hope that they keep making it because it seriously makes my entire day to have it! So that Monday was just one of those days that you just wanted to chill out all day long, so we did that as much as we could! Can you say Cabin Fever though...
Tuesday - FELIZ CUMPLEANOS A MI !!! This tuesday I turned 20 years old. How crazy is that??? Reading emails from my mom leading up to and on the day of my birthday felt so special... talking about entering this world as my first adventure, and my curiosity and passion for life, and how my parents have given me so many opportunities for adventure, just makes the day feel so much more special. Also, I got to read my boyfriend's birthday letter that he gave to me that I could only open on my birthday! So that was fun and nice to start my day with. However, that feeling only sort of made it worse for the rest of the day. Like most people, I get very excited about other people's birthdays. I try to make them as fun as I can, and everyone at school was excitedly wishing me a happy birthday in both classes, and the TA even bought a whole box of pastries as my birthday cake during the class that the whole group is in. Everyone made me very happy, but I guess it's just weird to be away for my birthday. This is my very first time celebrating my birthDAY without my family. (We did a very very nice bday celebration before I left for Spain but that was already 16 days before my birthday). I guess to be sitting in a poorly lit kitchen eating 2 pieces of toast the morning of my birthday doesn't really compare to coming down the stairs in 76 Marshall to pink and purple streamers, a colorful tablecloth, wonderfully decorated presents and kitchen, and a smiling mother's (and sometimes father's/brother's) faces. The school part of the day was fine and like I said everyone was so nice to me, but I just couldn't shake off being away from home. And the only things that the host moms said to me were "happy birthday" and "you're getting old!". I didn't expect them to do anything for it, but I mean ANYthing would have been more. Just a little disappointed I guess. And then there was our Flamenco lessons at 4 pm and I was really just in the mood to sleep and be introverted, but it went fine and moving around helped my spirits.
After dinner of ham pizza (my least favorite dinner they make... on my birthday), a lot of the girls met up at Cafe Futbol to get churros y chocolate. I had this chocolate ice cream thing AND a couple of churros with chocolate. It's my birthday, whatever!
So that was nice to do with friends, and some of my better friends that I made got me a few little things and paid for my dessert so that meant a lot, and then my roommate gave me this beautiful bouquet of flowers because she knows how much I love them.
It made me feel bad that I disliked her so much at times, but she's reminded me why I did/do since the flowers sooo yeah. But overall it was a good birthday, just very different! Besides, the bigger fun was yet to be had! The only thing stopping us on Tuesday from going out was a quiz in our group class the next day.
Wednesday - Not too much was done on Wednesday; just another set of classes. The quiz went well, I got a 100%! With that and a 100% on my first set of blogs that I write for my profesora, that class is going pretty well for me :) After class I worked on a group project with my classmate Kyle. Our topic was luckily the holidays of Spain, which is a WHOLE lot more interesting and fun than the other topics that have been covered so far!! After that was lunch, pasta and fish and salad. mmmm. From there we met at the Isabella statue to head to The Catedral de Granada: Granada's Cathedral. A lot of it looked a lot like the others, but this one was very cool because the VERY historically famous monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, are buried there!! They are huge because they were the ones to unite parts of Spain, started and ended the Reconquista, which was the conversion of all Spaniards to Christianity, and they were the ones that funded Christopher Colombus's trip to America! Pretty important people! So it was very special to see their tombs. After seeing that, we went into the more churchy part of the Cathedral. Enjoy more pictures of ornately decorated religious buildings!!
After we did that, Julia and I just went home and relaxed and did homework and listened to her skype her family and friends for the millionth time this trip.
Thursday - now starts more of the fun!! My conversation/language class was fine as usual, we started the Subjuctive, which is notorious as the hardest part of Spanish grammar, but really it isn't that bad. The worst is just knowing when to use it, but it's fine! Then for our culture/history class, we learned about Teterias, which are like tea bars I guess. there's a place to smoke hookah, but it's mainly just one of those nicely decorated Moroccan places that smells much too much of inscents and serves tea. It was a nice substitute for class, and everyone had a nice time, but I don't like tea and the smell of the place was starting to give me a headache (Thinking back, it's probably good I didn't go to India with my friends last summer - I would have been taking Advil like they were mints!) so we left after these weird pastries came out.
Then we did some souvenir (someday I'll know how to spell that word - I always use spell check on it!) shopping and headed back for lunch. After siestas and homework, we had dinner and then got ready to go to the discoteca to really celebrate my birthday! Not everyone came out for churros the other night, but of course when there's drinking and dancing involved you can count on everyone to be there for one reason or another! We went to this Irish bar, Hannigan's, beforehand and that was a lot of fun. They had themed shots for 1 euro and it was nice, everyone covered my drinks! I know they were inexpensive but it was still nice. And don't worry, since they were like mixed drink shots, they weren't very effective!!! But that was a fun time, and we did some dancing and karaoke and saw the bartender make a few flaming shots!! So cool
Then from there we headed to this discoteca called El Camborio, which is SUCH a cool place! I forget if I mentioned about it last week, but it's up in the mountains and it's all cave-like and has great music and kids exactly our age and everything. It was just a perfectly fun night of dancing and being social!
The theme that night was strawberries and chocolate. We absolutely devoured this! (Not just me!!!)
Friday - considering that we stayed out on Thursday until 3:30 am and then had to be up to get ready for the day by 7 am, the morning class was quite the struggle. But we all were very much dragging our feet so at least we were in it together! The language class was fine, and so was the other spanish class. Then after lunch me and Julia took a 3 hour siesta. MUCH better feeling after that! It was a pretty relaxed night - dinner and then a tapas bar until midnight with a few friends. Not too busy, which I didn't mind at all!

So that was my 3rd week in Spain! Hope you all aren't drooling and wincing at the computer screen after reading this novel!

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