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Hiking and Flamenco! (Mon/Tues)

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What a great few days this has been! Monday was for the most part an ordinary day at school, but in our spanish culture/history class me and my partner presented our group project. we were assigned the topic of Traditional and Religious Holidays in Spain. I'm so glad that we got that one, because all the other groups before us got all these historical topics/boring ones, so learning more about three kings day and running of the bulls (and much more) was very interesting and pretty fun! The presentation went well too so that was a good way to end the day of school! At 3:00, after lunch, I headed back to the school to meet up with 9 other girls and a University person to go on a hike guided by him! there are a lot of different sports/activities that are offered to be taken through the school for a small amount of money. A lot of girls went horseback riding (no thanks!!!) and some of us went hiking, which was only 10 euro! I forget the name of the mountain we climbed, but we got some great views and a pretty good workout!!
muy fuerte!
Then at the top top of the mountain there was this sun dial, or Reloj de Sol (which means watch of the sun, so it's like the same thing). It was so cool.. I can imagine that it's not too too old, but it was really neat to be in nature away from all the smells and noises and dirt of the city of Granada, and to be seeing something similar that Spanish inhabitants used years and years ago before Granada was developed at all! It's stuff like that that I expected to see more in Granada, and I'm really glad to have seen it.
and then we headed back down the mountain!
We back to the school at 6:30 or so, so it was a pretty long expedition! I don't mind at all though, it felt so good to put my workout shoes back on and feel my heart beating above a normal pulse for more than like 2 minutes!!! And I was a bit sore the next day in my legs, so that made me happy too :) From there I headed back for dinner at 8, and worked on a study guide for next Tuesday's language exam, and that was the end of my night!

Tuesday: not too much happened today, normal class stuff as usual. Afterwards, Julia, Meghan, Jules and I went to this cafe just because why not! I got churros and chocolate and shared them with the girls... MMMM so GOOD! great way to celebrate another day of classes! From there we went home for lunch... this week there are these 3 Norwegian high schoolers staying with us (who speak decent English). They're taking Spanish for the second year now (aka they know nothing) and their teacher assigned the class to go to Spain for a week to study it more in depth. Oh, to live in Europe and have so many amazing and different cultures to experience at my disposal! Such a seriously amazing concept to be able to do that. Anyway, these kids are actually pretty rude and inconsiderate so me and Julia do not enjoy our meals as much when we have to eat with them. But no sense in getting worked up about it! Which you know I could do easily ;) Call me naive, but I just hate how there are rude people like that out there!
Anyway, after lunch came our last Flamenco lesson. It's been fun this whole time, but the more the classes continue the less fun it becomes because it's impossible and the more frustrating it becomes because it's impossible. Hey, I'm my father's daughter - if I'm doing something, I have to get it right! At least I know I can check "Flamenco Dancer" off my list of possible back up careers!
the teacher, if you couldn't tell, is the 2nd guy to my "left"! Just for a good visual!
At dinner we got to eat with the 3 sister-host moms because the kids were out getting sushi (don't even get me started....), and something practically remarkable happened. The main sister, who does most of the caring for us, spoke ENGLISH!!! You know that scene in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, where Caesar tells James Franco, "Caesar is home," as a frickin ape??? Yeah, that's as blown away I was. It was literally like hearing a dog speak english. It took me back that much! She said "fork", "kni-eefe" (spelling intended for pronunciation purposes), "spoooon" and "cheeckin" (chicken). It was crazy! And that was the biggest highlight of my night for the rest of the day! After that we just did homework and hung out.
Stay tuned for Wednesday's spa (ahem, Bath) session!

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