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Hammam Arabian Bath

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Yesterday was just another Wednesday - school, lunch, 2 hour bath/spa session...
That's right, 2 hours of absolute relaxation :) Because we had leftover money in the program for activities that would have otherwise gone back to UD, my program director asked us if we would like gift certificates to this spa she knows of, and we all whole-heartedly agreed! Although, we have to call it a Bath because it indicates a more cultural experience ;) although I've never been to a spa, this definitely seems like it'd be more like a bath anyway, so no worries I guess! We couldn't take pictures for the most part, so I'll just describe it all.
We get there and give the woman at the desk our information and certificates for the appointment we made, then were given little slippers to put over our shoes to keep the place clean. Then we headed into the woman's changing room and found stalls to put on our bathing suits. Here we could still take pictures, so I took one just to show the detail of it all!
It has really nice warm lighting that just immediately puts you at ease. When we were ready, we went into the main area, which had a cold bath (aka pool), a hot bath, and then a little further away a warm bath. We spent most of our time in the warm bath - it was the biggest and had the most comfortable ttemperature. Of course we ventured into the hot bath a couple of times to do some real relaxation, but it got real hot pretty quickly. It was cool though, the hot bath could not have been any more than 6 inches deep, so we all looked like little fish trying to be under the water as much as possible! And, sorry to report, we didn't put more than our feet in the cold bath. We wanted to try and get a full experience but it was just too cold! Doesn't do much for the relaxation aspect! So for a good hour and a half we were in the pools, which was fine because it was nice to just mosey and lay around and have zero concept of time. I went on their website ( http://granada.hammamalandalus.com/ if you want to check it out) to try and find pictures, which didn't work, so I got some off Google to give you the best visual I can!
and it really was as good as the picture is!
So after about the hour and a half, we were called in to get our massages :) Ohhh yeahhh. We all got our own little dimly-lit cubby and I'm pretty sure at one point the lady closed the curtain. Here's another Google image - this isn't exactly what my area looked like, but it is at least the closest representation I could find!
It was really an incredible sensory experiences - nice music playing and water trickling from fountains, the scents of oils and lotions, ANDDD the stone/marble bed we were laying on was significantly heated, so it made being in a bathing suit after swimming totally comfortable! From there she poured hot water from head to toe a couple of times, and then (get this!) she pumped bubbles on me! When my eyes were closed, I wasn't sure what it was since it was so light; I thought maybe it was some kind of smoke... but then I opened my eyes and saw all this foam! It was really neat and was a feeling I haven't experienced since bubble baths in elementary school! So then she scrubbed and rubbed and squeezed and all of that for a half hour and then one last pour and then I was done! From there, me and the rest of the girls (I went with Julia, Meghan and Katie) showered in our bathing suits and then got changed and slowwwlyyy meandered out of there. Afterwards we were feeling so nice and relaxed we figured, hey why not get a glass of wine to keep us tranquil? So we sat in a tapas bar for about 45 minutes just taking our time in our relaxed state :) With our wet and messy hair!
After that, we just went home and me and Julia just had another normal hang out night.

Today (thursday) wasn't really much of anything. It was our last day of classes though! Well, last day of learning anything. Next week, on Monday and Tuesday I only have my language class (Monday is review, Tuesday is exam) and then Wednesday I only have my culture/history class where we take our 2nd quiz, and then that's it! After class me and Julia just went home and ate lunch and have been hanging out since. We're packing our bags for our Barcelona trip too :) Tomorrow we're meeting up at 5 IN THE MORNING to catch the right bus to be at the airport with plenty of time, so I've already showered and am ready for a solid 10:30 bedtime tonight! I'm not going to bring my laptop this weekend, so on Monday I will update you on all the fun that is to be had in Barcelona! So excited!! :)
Hope you have a good weekend!

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Ah the life of luxury
So glad you are enjoying your experience and I hope the wine and food are everything you wished for. Would love to hear of the different flavors.
Need to meet in the city and have a debriefing
Love you

by Tom Marks

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