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Barcelona!!! (day 1)

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So for starters, once again, lo siento muchhoooo about being so delayed about getting this entry in, in a tolerable amount of time, but come on, would you rather me sit on my bed at home and write about my weekend, or live up my last week in Spain and write this stuff when I'm hanging out before dinner?? Thought so :)
So this weekend, from Friday morning to Sunday night, I was in Barcelona! BARCELONA. How cool?! Just for reference, here's where it's located on the map, in relation to Granada:
So at 4 am me and Julia woke up, ate breakfast (I really can't wait to eat anything else for breakfast besides toast... haven't had cereal in a month!!!), and had our stuff ready to leave by 4:45. At 4:55, we met up with the other girls that we were flying with that morning. I get along with all of these girls great, but my better friends were already in Barcelona by this point because they wanted to take a Thursday night flight. So although I was totally fine with being with my Friday morning group, I was excited to meet up with the others too! Anyway, so we took the bus the airport and ended up getting there earlier than expected - at 5:45 am for a 9:10 flight!!! We were so early, the check-in counters weren't even open yet. So we really just sat around and some of us tried to sleep on the germy airport chairs, and by I think 7 am we were able to check in and proceed with the normal airport stuff.
IMG_2115.jpg IMG_2117.jpg
The flight was okay, my ears weren't doing well with the popping and pressure of flying, and the landing was pretty rough, but that's okay because we landed in Barcelona!! From there we took a bus to the center of the city, Calle de Ramblas, and from there we headed down into the subway to buy a unlimited weekend pass, and then used it to get to our Hostel! We stayed at the Garden House Hostel, and it was actually so much better than I had imagined it being! Clean, bright, friendly - what a good surprise!
Here is the site if you'd like to see some pictures of it!
here's one I took! I'm on the bottom bunk closest to the front
From there, we put down our stuff and proceeded to start our day. By that time, it was about 12:30 pm and we were ready to begin! Our first stop was the Segrada Familia (look at us, making the effort to tour landmarks even without it being for school!), which is this really modern style Cathedral designed by Gaudi. It was started in 1882, and he died in the 1920s. He didn't want anything more to be done to it after his death, so a lot of the inside was very visibly incomplete. We spent about an hour in there, walking around mesmerized by all of the interesting and new detail, and all of the great stained glass! okay, I know, enough talking, bring on the pictures!
IMG_2123.jpg IMG_2127.jpg IMG_2130.jpg IMG_2131.jpg IMG_2133.jpg IMG_2140.jpg
(here you can really see how it's unfinished!)
IMG_2145.jpg IMG_2147.jpg IMG_2155.jpg IMG_2158.jpg IMG_2169.jpg
From there we headed to the Picasso museum. To be in Spain and see his work in 2 different places throughout the trip this month has really been such a great experience! We couldn't take any pictures inside, but I'm sure you can believe me that it was really amazing! It was very very interesting to see the progression of his work - at the beginning, when he was 15, he painted a lot of landscapes in a messier style with oil paints. They looked great and you could tell he had a lot of potential. Through the influence of his father, he began to take classes and there's a big section of the museum that has a lot of realism work. He was very talented with these - portraits, landscapes.. it was amazing to see how much talent he really actually had with more "generic" art. The only things we really ever see are his really abstract pieces, and I had no idea how great he was with the type of art more people are familiar with seeing. As we progressed through the museum, so too did his work. At one point in his earlier-ish life, he was introduced to ideas of depression and loneliness by an artist he had met. That's what started his Blue Period - the time in which most of his paintings were pretty much monochromatic in shades of blue. That is, as I noticed, what started his progression into abstract work. The paintings were broken up into sections that were different blues, and because it didn't flow like a "normal" piece would, the subjects of the piece started to become more and more morphed. During the time after his blue period, he had pieces that were back to his earlier stuff, but by I think the 1950s it was, he was fully engulfed in his abstract styles. From there we were able to see a lot of his work that looked more like the familiar Picasso. Seeing the progression was just truly amazing. I've always been interested in Picasso, even as a child (I think I liked him so much because I figured, I can draw like that so I can be as good as an artist as that guy!), so it was such an honor to have had the opportunity to learn about his life first-hand.
Here is the link to the website so you can see his works!!!

After that, we headed through the streets of Barcelona
IMG_2184.jpg IMG_2186.jpg IMG_2121.jpg
and went back to the Hostel to shower and get ready for the night. That night for dinner we just got some tapas: toasted baguette with a tomato spread on it (my favorite food this month!) and these really yummy baked potato things with this tomato-y spicy sauce. And I got a bag of probably 12 clementines for 79 cents so that was part of our dinner afterwards too! That night we headed to this club called Razzmatazz. It was big and crowded and pretty fun! After we were done there we just took a cab back and went to bed.

So that was our first day! I'm breaking up the days since this day has a lot of writing and tomorrow has a lot of pictures so I didn't want the entry to take up the entire page!

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