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The unhealthiest I've been in my life...

The moment when you're freaking out so much about your health that you do homemade yoga to try and negate how much unhealthy food you're putting in your body. At home for dinner/lunch we've gotten ham pizza on white dough, fried chicken, french fries, ham grilled cheese, a ham and cheese on a baguette, a small egg omlette thing, and white pasta. And yogurt for dinner too, which I gobble up because it's by far the healthiest thing available. and for breakfast: white toast with margarine and orange juice. We asked them for a apple and that was the best I've felt about eating since being in Granada. I'm freaking out about the salt, fat, and extreme lack of most nutrients. I take vitamains but it's not enough. Their milk sucks so I don't drink that.. I'm going to a store tomorrow to buy myself a whole ton of the wholest grain products I can find, and some carrots and maybe peppers and apples and just anything that will help. I haven't eaten anything green since lunch on Friday, and that was a small salad with iceberg lettuce. Disgusting!!! We've been walking and especially walking hills a lot, but I need to start a workout regimen that helps me maintain some part of my health. Yikes!!!

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sunny 15 °C

With all this hustle and bustle this past week, I completely lost track of the days and realized that either the 4th or 5th marked my Uncle Doug's anniversary of 2 years. I cannot believe where my family was at this point 2 years ago, where we would be in another 2 and 3 and 4 weeks from this date, and how much has changed since then, mostly for the better, thankfully. I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to be here in Spain, and that I still have so many people in my life to cheer me on through it. And especially that I still have my dad to make sure I'm happy and feeling healthy. I couldn't imagine being here without him to help get me through the good and bad parts. It is with a sad heart that I'm not able to share this blog with Doug, who I know would be enthralled with my traveling adventures. I know he's watching over me and rooting me on though. Although there are so many more people that I wish could be reading about my experiences here, I just have to remember that they're getting the best bird's eye view of my fun and that they're keeping me safe.
But what I would give to call up Grandpa Brush and hear his stories of his adventures, or talk to Papa and Nana about how much fun this has been... Okay I'm bawling haha
Okay bye!

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Madrid, Toledo, Granada

ooooh I'm a traveling giiirrrlll


Holy Toledo! What sights we saw in this other Spanish city!
IMG_1349.jpg IMG_1350.jpg IMG_1352.jpg IMG_1354.jpgIMG_1355.jpg IMG_1359.jpg
We went here today, and this is another really cool place. The sights, obviously, were really amazing. We walked around the town, up and down the hills on the cobblestones and saw lots of really cool things. We went to this amaaazing cathedral:
IMG_1373.jpg IMG_1378.jpg large_IMG_1379.jpg IMG_1387.jpg
and then to a once-synagogue that was turned into a church when there was a royal monarchy, but actually Muslims built it in the first place so it’s a great example of the cohesiveness of religions. From there we stopped at another great lookout point
and then headed to the center of the city and saw this incredible cathedral
IMG_1391.jpg (synagogue)
IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1394.jpg IMG_1402.jpg
yeah sorry, too lazy at the moment to look up what the Cathedral's name is but it's mad We couldn’t go inside because of the 3 Kings holiday, but seeing the outside was enough. The center of the city was cool too, a lot of open space and looking out to the west (I think… or east) was this view through a cool walkway:
From there we went to the place of lunch but they weren’t ready for us so our tour guide brought us down the hill from the restaurant and showed us this cool little virgin Mary shrine built into the stone wall thing that was protected by a plastic barrier and metal bars… there are a few little holes in the plastic, and there’s a tradition/superstition that if you stick something small enough in the holes (a pin, for example), you will get a boy/girlfriend or husband/wife. Our your guide told us that she did that and then got her husband! It was cool, she lives right there too so she showed us the front of her abode. I guess they’re apartments… maybe actually they’re townhouses.. seemed more like that. Anyway, then we went to lunch and I had a salad and chicken with mashed potatoes (mmm American food) and this bangin frozen hot chocolate type thing. Then we had free time for an hour so we visited this bakery famous for its Marzipan stuff so a lot of girls bought some of that and I bought two of these thin little chocolate cookies. Culinary Creations actually has some identical to those! And I bought a little Toledo plate.
I didn’t plan on starting like a plate collection (no idea what I’m even going to do with them, I’ll just have to get a career and a house with a room for an office right out of my internship so I can display them ☺ ), but it looks like since I know have one from Segovia and Toledo, I might as well get them from everywhere we take a day/weekend trip. I figured I’d do that, and then buy a shotglass from the places I lived, so I have a Madrid one and I’ll get a Granada one eventually. I didn’t expect to start a shotglass collection either, but I figured I now have one from Hawaii, Cali, and NYC so I can’t not get them from Spain!
From there, we got on the bus to head to Granada to meet our families! It was a four hour bus ride so I worked on these blogs for about an hour and for a bit I talked to this girl Megan who I’ve really been getting along with especially.. and then gave myself over 2 hours to sleep aaaannddd guess what… it looks like I can’t sleep on busses either! I guess I was sort of in and out, but lately I’ve been feeling really awful: sore throat, headaches, ears hurt, my lymph nodes are getting bigger and bigger and I’m just disgustingly exhausted and I desperately need to really rest. So not getting good sleep on the bus just made me more frustrated with my physical conditions ☹
But anyway, we finally got to Granada and met our families! We’re living with 3 women who seem to be a little younger than 60. Me and Julia, my roommate, thought that something must be wrong with them if they’re 3 sisters who are living with each other and not husbands, but they seem very nice! And it was cute, they made us chicken and French fries and yogurt. It was so nice for them to make us American type food. I just want vegetables and fruits though. And some real whole grains. More Dietetics trials and tribulations. The apartment is interesting, the kitchen and living room even have actual doors, and most of the rooms are kinda small, but it’s cute and has wonderful Spanish decorations. Definitely inspired me ;) I’ll put up pictures of our room and such tomorrow, actually if the internet ever works because so far it hasn’t been and I’m typing this sucker on Microsoft Word in hopes that I’ll be able to paste in into an entry on this blog like AAASSSAAAAPPPP. Although I couldn’t communicate with anyone on the internet today, I did get a chance to talk to my dad on the phone so that was really nice. OMG WE JUST FIGURED OUT THE INTERNET. Hallelujah. Seriously. and in espanol, which makes me feel accomplished hehe. Okay time for a quick facebook and email catch up and then BED! woooo!!!
our room:
IMG_1416.jpg IMG_1417.jpg
IMG_1418.jpg IMG_1419.jpg
nice view from the window huh -____- this place isn't really that nice in the city haha

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Madrid Day 3 - Segovia!! <3

sunny 13 °C

SEGOVIAAAAAAAAAAA was AWESOMEEEE. About an hour from Madrid, it’s this really wonderfully quaint city with a lot of modest charm and ugh just a really nice vibe. It was really great to be there.. a lot of us really loved it. Our biggest things that we saw were the aqueducts and this castle. The aqueducts were built BC, so they’ve been around for obviously thousands of years. it takes the water from the mountain and delivers it 15 km away to the top of the city.
Originally it was built by stacking the blocks on each other and the force of them pressed together with gravity was all it needed to stay up, there were no nails or glue type things used at all which is awesome. You’d think a water transportation structure wouldn’t really be that great but it really was!

Then the castle was even cooler. It’s called the catedral Alcazar but I don’t know why it’s called a cathedral because it was a church with kings and queens and yeah. Whatever! But that was really neat; naturally the decorations were very ornate and cool.
IMG_1257.jpgIMG_1269.jpg IMG_1270.jpg IMG_1276.jpg IMG_1284.jpg
Then we climbed to the top, 150 stairs which mostly were in one of those towers so the stairs were like almost a foot tall and it was all spiral-y so it was difficult! Over 24 hours later and my legs/quads are still incredibly sore. But at the top the views were incredible and it felt awesome to be up there! I was just the Queen of Segovia, no big deal. Anything with a nice background, we take massive group pictures, but here’s a mix of a few pictures of the experience/sights:
IMG_1289.jpg IMG_1295.jpg IMG_1299.jpg
From there we went to lunch at the Restaurante Casares, and they brought us a very seafoody soup (I didn’t want to eat the clams and shrimp, but the broth was really good, tasted like the smell of the Cape <3 ) and then this beef thing where the meat just fell apart, and then for dessert they gave us leche frita (translate to “fried milk”… which tasted more eggy than anything but whatever)
So that was a bit of an experience of something new!
Then we went shopping around in our free time, and I got lots of different things! Including swan scissors, which I very much needed to buy. Everyone on the trip that I told the story to thought it was cute and interesting. A long line of women in my mom’s side (great grandma, grandma, my mom… at least) all had/have a pair of sewing scissors in the shape of a swan from Spain, so my mom gave me money specifically for a pair so my daughter can grow up with her mom having a pair too :)
and here's a picture of the sight from the bottom of a hill!
So that was Segovia! Then we headed back and had two hours to have free time, so naturally I went on the computer and took a nap. Then we went to dinner at the café of the hotel, and from there headed down Madrid a bit to get to the street that had the parade for 3 Kings Day! It’s like Christmas to them… they put up their trees on Christmas day and then do the present thing at this time. So the parade was really fun and it was awesome to be so a part of their culture!
large_IMG_1305.jpg large_IMG_1310.jpg large_IMG_1317.jpg
and then surprise fireworks!
Then we stopped at this big department store and some of them bought a few random little things and then we headed back to the hotel and after I finally worked out the internet for the day, I was able to chat with Eric for an hourish, yay!

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Madrid Day 2 - Museums & Discotecas

sunny 13 °C

SO, to start off, sorry for already delaying with writing these! Not only has the Hotel’s wifi been disgustingly awful and annoying, but we’ve also had so little down time. It’s usually that we get back from somewhere and have like an hour until we go to dinner at 8 so I just catch up on facebook and emails and upload my pictures.

Here’s January 4th’s update:
Went to 2 museums… the first was one that was full of classic realism paintings so although it was obviously impressive, it wasn’t the most terribly interesting experience of my life. Some of the stories the tour guide was talking about sounded so romantic and it made me miss my novio (boyfriend) :( Hi babe!

Then we had lunch at a restaurant (La cocina de Neptuno), another one that we had reservations at so they had food almost completely ready for us once we chose which dish we wanted for the primero and segundo courses. They use a lottt of oil in Spain, which makes the dishes not as appetizing, esp cuz it doesn’t seem like they use EVOO so I’m not even getting my MUFAs and PUFAs… the trials and tribulations of a nutrition major.

After, we went to essentially the Spanish version of the MOMA, so it was all modern art. There were a lot of Picasso originals, including his most famous piece, the wall-sized Guernica. It was absolutely amazing to see Picasso’s work in Spain. It made me appreciate him so much more, except until the tour guide was explaining how much of a complete asshole he was. Apparently he caused 2 of his wives to commit suicide and his latest one went crazy. Even some of his family members were wacked out because of how messed up Picasso was. But his work is still great so as long as I didn’ t have to deal with him, then whatever! Then we went into the Surrealism room and we saw lots of Dali originals and another famous surrealism painter’s works.
and here's the glass elevator we rode in:
how modern!

For dinner, we went to this Mexican restaurant (LOL) that some guy solicited to us while we were walking along the main strip (for lack of a better word?). The food and sangria were great!
That night we also headed to a discoteca. I would say club, because the atmosphere was exactly like an American club (I guess), but clubs in Spain are like S&M bars with Privado (private) rooms.. yikes. So we went to the disco at like 12:15 or so because we knew that the Spaniards start their nights much later. However, they start their nights later than we anticipated, because we were literally the only ones there when we arrived. So we got some drinks, the first ones were complementary, and hung out and some people started dancing even though they were the only ones on the dance floor. Good for them!
IMG_1224.jpg IMG_1226.jpg

By 1:15ish or so, there started to get more people there and some were dancing on the floor so I joined around that time, actually maybe a little earlier. But it was a lot of fun!!! The music was American until it started to get more crowded, then for a while it was Spanish music which was awesome. To mom: yes I danced Spanish-y when that music was on, it came more naturally than I expected! Didn’t know I had it in me… although I am studying in Spain this month so I guess I should have expected for my inner Rosalinda to come out at least a few times while here. We were going to leave by 2 am but then the rest of our group showed up like exactly around then and we were exited about it and were having fun with them and each other (it was a pretty big group I arrived with… 14ish of us?) so we ended up leaving around 3. And I discovered that the tips of my watch hands are glow in the dark, so that’s exciting!
So yeah that was my Wednesday!

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