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...yeah. YEAH. Madrid MAAADDDRRRRIIIDDD. I guess this is obvious, but like everything is in Spanish. everyone speaks Spanish. I (caps lock intended) speak Spanish!! (it's been easier than I imagined so far, with knowing words and pronunciations and stuff!) just conversing with Spanairds in Spain. Like, OH. Okay well anyway, here's what my past 12 hours have been:

6:30 EST / 1230 GMT +1 (spain time): left for Madrid
~7:30 am GMT+1 arrive in Madrid... did I sleep on the plane? Even after taking 2 Benadryl? Of course not. I can sleep on a train, in a car, on a bus, on a boat, on Disney’s It’s a Small World ride, but not a plane. I guess I’m not a true Sam-I-Am.

Drove to the Hotel Opera ( www.hotelopera.com ) … really nice! and so wonderfully located. There we set our luggage down and heard the whole shpeal and then went and ate before our rooms were ready for 10:30. My first meal was a pincho de tortilla de patata… aka a Spanish omlette… which is like a slice of potato pie. yum! and only 2 euros. Sat at a table of 4 with some of the kids, and others were around too.


Then we got to the hotel and had free time until 12:45 so naturally I just showered and took a nap.

view from 6th floor in our hotel room!

Then we headed to Restaurante Los Vazquez. The walk there was so amazing with all the architecture and people and cobblestones and everything! It felt like NYC with the busy-ness and amount of people and tourists.

just looking around

At the restaurant we had primero (first) and Segundo (second) courses… I had ensalada and then pescado (fish), then fruit salad after!

this was greeting us :) MMMMM LEGAL WINE!!! It was pretty good!

Then we headed to the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) and that was lots to look at and take in! Here are some pictures:

The only bad thing about the day was feeling absolutely disoriented and nauseas and tired and mehhh AND I wore the WRONGGG boots. I decided to look all cute and match my shoes to my shirt well, so I wore the tan boots with the 2-3 inch heel. Did not anticipate as much walking as we did!

Now me and some of the girls are hanging out in the lobby where we can get internet connection so I can update this sucker and talk to a few people on eeeemail!
Tonight at 8 we’re headed to a tapas bar for dinner, and there’s a Madrid futbal game that’s on so we can watch that too! There are some of the students going actually, but I just wasn’t up for a 10 pm futbal game that preceded an 8:30ish wake up call tomorrow. I’ll update tonight’s events tonight, if I have internet connection later and feel like doing it!

Okay that’s all for today (so far?)!

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Leaving today!!!


Feelings: scared, nervous, anxious, scared, but still excited!!! I'm sure everything will be fine but being old enough to study abroad also means you're old enough to know about not so good real world situations that could happen.
Plans: breakfast, goodbyes to the boyfriend, last minute tidying up, then leaving for the airport at 2 pm!! rahhh only 4 more hours of Jersey! Holy shit...

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Getting started

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So this is pretty much just a test, seeing how this whole blog thing works. In just 5 days I will be getting ready to leave USA and head to Madrid!
Flight is at 6:35 pm from Philly and will arrive in Madrid at 7:35 am and from there we will start our day!
At this point I'm still just working on how I will be packing my things, deciding what to pack or what to leave, etc. And I'm on this one website that teaches people how to learn Spanish, so I'm doing that so I'm not as rusty.
I'll be sharing this blog with my family, boyfriend Eric, friends from home and friends from school (KOX)
So far on my phone I have apps for temperature conversion, spanish/english translation, and currency conversion. Woo!


^ poor cold Mexican man. I hope during our time in Spain we won't be experiencing these temperatures!

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